May 10, 2018   |   Product Innovations

Trends Shaping Fenestration

Fenestration is the art of windows and doors. Like any other building material their design and application is influenced by society, culture and the environment. Emerging trends indicate a strong focus on a clean, contemporary aesthetic with seamless integration amongst entertaining spaces. This ode to minimalism is evident in the form of clean lines, dark colours, simple shapes and glass… lots of glass. Beyond design, customers expect high performance, energy efficient products that are functional and structurally sound.

Energy efficiency

Whilst Rylock has been synonymous with energy efficiency, double glazing and passive home design for decades – energy efficiency is only recently being recognised as a vital economic and environmental consideration. Rylock’s TB Series of thermally broken products deliver greatly increased insulation properties and performance.

Black hues, clean lines and linear shapes

Consumers are seeking clean lines with simple square profiles, for a minimalist aesthetic. Whilst specialist shaped windows remain popular, rectilinear rather than round shapes are more desired. Fixed, awning and casement windows remain very popular production selections.

Design for mobility

With an aging population and greater life expectancy – Australia’s designers, architects and builders will need to give more thorough consideration towards living spaces that can be created or modified with older occupants in mind. Features such as the flat sill section on Rylock’s Commercial Series Sliding & Stacker Doors were designed with this consideration in mind.

Expansive glass

Australians have always loved the great outdoors and high performance double glazing and solar control glazing are making this desire for enjoying significant views and increased daylight a reality. Large bifold, sliding and stacker doors are ever popular – with the Rylock Commercial Series Stacker Door available up to an overall door size of 12 metres.

Servery windows

In keeping with the entertaining trends highlighted above, servery or pass-through windows have become increasingly popular, in sliding or bifold configurations – usually between a kitchen and alfresco area.

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